A Mother and Son Speak

"Why Doesn't Anyone Know About the Secret of Parole Abuse"
Did you know that there are parole eligible men (truly rehabilitated men) who are being denied parole year after year?
One need not to be a professor in crime and punishment or change and rehabilitation to consider the following: If a man has shown clear signs of rehabilitation and has reached his predetermined (by the judge) parole eligibility date, then why exactly is the Wisconsin department of probation and parole's hidden agenda to constantly keep denying a man parole year after year?
I'm not implying we should not be tough on crime, Absolutely not! We all need to be safe from being victimized. Who so ever breaks me law should be sought after, captured, and held accountable.
However, we're not talking about an 18-year-old who committed a crime yesterday or last week, and doesn't even understand how selfish and terrifying he is to his own community and family.
For those kinds of people need to be captured and rehabilitated.
The travesty we're talking about are those once 18-year-old's who have been incarcerated for 15 or 20 years so far, and have been parole eligible for the last 5 or more of those years, yet they're purposely being denied parole year after year.
We're talking about men who have matured, developed an adult's perspective on life, and can clearly be seen as rehabilitated even by the most untrained eye.
Men who have been model-inmates, completing several educational, vocational and life enhancing programs.
Paroling rehabilitated men who have proven themselves deserving of a second chance will
1.) ease the over-crowding.
2.) give a changed man a second chance,
3.) most importantly, create room for those who are committing serious crimes as you read these very words!

There are rehabilitated men who need help, opportunity, and support.
They have family, friends, and jobs that are lined up awaiting their arrival, but the secret hidden agenda of parole abuse is prolonging (year after year) the second chance of countless, changed, rehabilitated men who have no voice! (a prisoner in oakhill)

Wrongheaded punishment
Punishment for the incarcerated is to seclude them from the so-called -free world. To be separated from family members, friends, loved ones is punishment all by itself but to have to suffer and be denied the simple things they are entitled to is an inhuman act by officials. Examples of such acts of brutality include:
1) keeping a person in solitary confinement longer than needed
2) not caring for the sick, no "proper attention"
3) Not allowing education programs that will help them once they are mainstreamed back into society
4) Keeping a person after they have become parole eligible, sometimes for 10 or more years, after they have met all requirements, have made significant change, been a model prisoner and have a good conduct report.
5) Over stuffing our prison with people that deserve a second chance instead of releasing them. Officials do not care about any of the above as long as they receive their pay check. So, is it ALL about the money, or what?"